Learn Easy Techniques to memorize Historical events with dates, calendar, dictionary, random numbers, words, days and dates…

Memory is a basic and essential function of our life. Memory is a function of the brain that allows humans to acquire, store and retrieve information about different types of knowledge, skills and experiences.

Students tend to forget the lessons they read earlier but the same student won’t forget a movie or cartoon program they watched. This is because, our brain language is Picture Language. The images of the movie/cartoon program are stored as pictures in their brain.

we can see a lot of Improvement in the student’s performance, if he or she is able to transform the academic subjects into images/pictures. It’s easier to remember a picture rather than details from a book or a lecture. Visualization is one strategy that can be used to remember information that’s been read in a textbook or spoken during a lecture.

It has been suggested that benefits of a Working Memory training program can generalize to improve performance on reasoning tasks and reading comprehension, as well as functioning in daily life (e.g. improved attention in daily activities). These benefits for everyday functioning could have exciting implications with both the theoretical and clinical significance.

What you will learn from this course?
  1. Learn anything atleast 2 to 3 times quicker.
  2. How your brain works and stores information and how to use it to your advantages.
  3. What is the ideal mindset to have while memorizing.
  4. How to memorize any information and do it faster.
  5. How to recall your shopping list.
  6. How to recall your presentations.
  7. How to recall important dates.
  8. Boosts focus and reduces the sub vocalization and Regression.
  9. Reduce stress and frustration.

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