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Vedic Mathematics

Learn the Ancient Wisdom of FastTrack Calculations in Simplified Ways!

Master Your Memory

This Course Will Teach You How to Supercharge Your Memory and Unleash the Power of Mind


Mr. Jayaprakash’s Vedic Mathematics course is simple, clear and straight forward, he did a lot of hard work to keep it simple

-N.Sathish babu
Maths Teacher

Yes, it is very interesting way to learn Vedic Mathematics, very simple and easy way to understand. I strongly recommend to those who wish to learn and enjoy Mathematics

-Ashok kumar

This course really helped us in school and we finished our work much faster. This is also a greater way to exercise our brains and its very interesting. We are sure these strategies will help us in our higher grades as well

10th Grade Student

Your memorization techniques are simple and it did WORK! Earlier tonight at my local grocery store I tested your steps to remember a person’s name. I took their name, turned it into picture and linked the picture to facial features. It worked!!!


Thank you for teaching me how to remember names, words, binary numbers and also for teaching all the various other memory methods. Iam grateful for the opportunity to have learned from a master

8th Grade Student

This Memory course helps us to improve our memory. It also discusses in detail how memory works and how to strengthen it. This course covers Peg System, Mnemonic method, Chain method, Association method and many more. It helps to how we can remember formulas, dates, names, checklist, squares and cubes, and many more things.


Wonderful course with various methods of memorizing names, numbers, words, list of items, dates, etc., Explained in a lucid way and Some of the methods are really helping me a lot. I Strongly recommend this memory course “MASTER YOUR MEMORY” if you want to memorize anything and gain confidence…


This Memory course comes as a boon for the people who tend to forget more with more information! Yes, our memory is not at all bounded by any restrictions and it’s like the more we bring it to work – the more effectively it works!


The techniques are effective and easy to learn. It’s easier for the grasp and I agree that you will excel only after practicing it for quite a while but the moment you will learn or read you will start working on it, unknowingly. They have provided with number of examples and exercises for the benefit of the readers.

Maths Teacher

A good choice for people who want to build or enhance their memory skills. The course contains variety of examples with multiple learning styles I really loved it and thank you very much for helping to enhance my memory


I have been through half of the course, the course is well structured and you can see that the instructor has put a lot of effort on this course in explaining how memory works and how to apply the methods of memorization


I highly recommend this Memory course. These memory techniques are easy to use. I really appreciate that the concepts are so concise that iam able to back and review at all times..